Domino Battle

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Play Domino with your opponent in Domino Battle

Domino Battle is a game of placing all the tiles in matches. Your task is to place all of your dominoes on the match and make the opponent who has no domino of your same number lose.

Surely you already know the popularity of Domino. Make its tiles fall down in an eye-catching way. But have you ever noticed that the two ends of a Domino with numbers that look like dice can be played in a new way.

With this game, your domino has two heads containing the same dots as the dice and you or your opponent must follow up on the domino containing the same 1 head as the previous one. Specifically, when you have 1 head with 1 dot, your opponent must follow 1 of their dominoes with 1 dot like yours. Keep connecting the ends until no one has the opponent's number to lose. The game is quite flexible. You can connect the left end or the right end of the screen as long as you have a domino that can block the opponent's domino.

You start with 7 dominoes in your hand, you try from the start to beat your opponent making them unstoppable. The person with the higher domino in hand starts. Each game consists of several rounds and the player who gets 100 points earlier wins.

How to play

Tap or tap to play.