Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong is a classic arcade game developed by Nintendo and released in 1981. Play as Jumpman to rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of a giant ape.

Levels in this game

Like Super Mario And Sonic, this game also has many levels. Let's explore interesting levels and wonderful lands in this game now.

Level 1: Construction Site

  • The construction site consists of a series of platforms and ladders.
  • Donkey Kong has taken Pauline to the top platform, and Mario's objective is to reach her.
  • Mario must navigate the platforms while avoiding barrels thrown by Donkey Kong.
  • The level is cleared when Mario reaches the top platform and rescues Pauline.

Level 2: Elevator

  • After rescuing Pauline, the game moves to the second level, the elevator stage.
  • This level features moving platforms that resemble elevators.
  • Mario must jump between the elevators while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  • Donkey Kong continues to throw barrels to hinder Mario's progress.
  • The level is completed when Mario reaches the top and advances to the next level.

Level 3: Rivet Stage

  • The third level takes place on a series of platforms with missing rivets.
  • Mario must maneuver around the platforms while avoiding enemies and obstacles.
  • The platforms collapse if Mario steps on them without a rivet, creating gaps that he must jump over.
  • Donkey Kong's barrel-throwing antics escalate, making it more challenging for Mario.
  • The level is cleared when Mario removes all the rivets, causing Donkey Kong to fall to the ground.

Level 4: Cement Factory

  • The final level of the game is set in a cement factory.
  • Mario must navigate a series of conveyor belts and platforms while avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  • The factory is filled with fireballs and other hazards that Mario must avoid.
  • Donkey Kong is positioned at the top, and Mario needs to use hammers to break the platforms supporting him.
  • Mario wins the game by successfully destroying all the platforms, causing Donkey Kong to fall and rescuing Pauline once again.

These four levels in this game offer increasing difficulty and introduce new gameplay elements to challenge the player. The game's level design, along with its memorable characters and gameplay mechanics, contributed to the enduring popularity of Donkey Kong.

How to control the character

  • Use the left and right arrow keys
  • Use the up arrow key to guide Mario to climb the ladders
  • Press the space bar to jump