Doodle Cricket

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Doodle Cricket becomes a cricket baseball player. Create many Home-runs when the ball is thrown. Want to get more points, you need to let the ball fly away.

Become a famous cricket baseball player

In the game, you will play the role of a cricket, a batsman and snails including a snail that throws the ball along with many snails around to catch your ball. What you need to do is hit the ball when it is released from the snail. The number of points you get depends on how far the ball launches. Creating many Home-runs helps you get more points. Points will be accumulated for successful hits. If you miss the ball, you will be out and you will need to start the challenge again.

Scoring scale for hits

The distance the ball is thrown is the number of points you receive. The closer the ball is, the lower the score. The ball thrown far away from the field is given more points, and if the ball is thrown out of the stadium, you will receive maximum points. So, choose the right time to create many long shots, especially Home-runs, to always receive a perfect score.

When you receive a perfect score, the stands will stand up, cheer and cheer for you. This is also an encouragement for you to achieve the most spectacular shots and absolutely not miss the ball when hitting.

There is no limit to hitting the ball as long as you don't miss the ball. The points you earn will be accumulated and will be the basis for you to achieve a higher score the next time you play again if you make a mistake.


The graphics in this game are quite eye-catching and child-friendly. The lovely design along with the two main characters, cricket and snail, make the game more attractive. Children can also practice in this game to practice medicine for future practice so as not to be surprised.