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Reuniting the duck family in Ducklings.io

Look at an interesting game called Ducklings.io. Collect cute ducklings for his nest. The more ducklings there are, the more affection the mother duck shows.

Capture the heart of the mother duck

The mother duck's job is to sit in the nest and wait for her babies. Its function is to warm the ducklings and take care of their children. It will show affection to the male duck if it carries as many ducklings as possible.

Collect the ducklings

The ducklings were splashing around in the lake and standing in many corners. It is waiting for its father to follow him back to the nest. Just by passing them, they will automatically follow the male duck until they return to the nest.

That's why the male duck's main task is to collect the ducklings back to their nest for the female duck to incubate. The more babies she collects, the more affectionate the mother duck will show.

Duckling competition with opponents

However, collecting ducklings is not easy because opponents can steal your ducklings. Especially when you are trying to collect many ducklings along a long line, just another male duck cutting in line can take away the ducklings behind you if you are not careful. Because the war is competitive, no one has to give in to anyone else. Try not to lose your ducklings and it can be equally bad for your opponents to steal their ducklings.

In short

Ducklings.io is an interesting game about the animal world, especially ducks. Complete the mission to collect as many ducklings and watch out for opponents who are planning to steal your ducklings. Enjoy this entertaining game now! Besides, remember to check out EvoWorld.io which is also an exciting multiplayer game you must try.