Find Dwarfs Halloween

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Plot of Find Dwarfs Halloween

Find Dwarfs Halloween puzzles brain teasers how to find the dwarves. Uninvited guests are hiding in the house, find them and kick them out of the house.

Halloween is coming!! On this special day, people dress up as famous characters or supernatural or spooky characters. It is common to see costumes like witches, ghosts, vampires, superheroes, ect to dress up. Trick-or-Treat activity, children go door to door asking for candy and the homeowner will choose to give candy to the children or accept being tricked. However, there are uninvited guests who suddenly come into the house, which is truly ungainly.

The house of a black ghost was properly decorated for Halloween and waiting for the children to come get candy and sweets. However, before the children arrived, dwarfs appeared from nowhere and invaded his house. Frustrating. To get rid of them, there is no other way than to kick them out. Your challenge is to help the homeowner locate these mischievous creatures and put them in cages for transport into the forest.

Find ten dwarves hiding in the house

In this game, you are tasked with finding 10 dwarfs hiding in the ghost's house. Find them all, put them all in cages and get them out of the house. They hide very carefully, in every corner of the house. Some elves are quite easy to find when they are outside, just turn over objects in the house. The rest are located in more difficult to find locations, creating a challenge for you. Before catching them, you need to solve difficult puzzles. But don't worry because hints are always around you, will you pay attention to them?

The location of objects in the house is the key to opening up difficult questions. Observe carefully, including the color and position of each object in the house. Not only will you unlock dwarves, but you'll also find other items. The devices will continue to unlock other decodes. Use your brain to find them and the ultimate goal is to find all 10 dwarves and give the chickens candy, cakes and chocolate.