Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird Overview

Are you ready to join Flappy Bird where you control a bird flying through green pipes? Your key mission is to avoid collisions with these pipes! With collected scores, you can set a record in Flappy Bird.

This online game was invented by a Vietnamese developer, called Dong Nguyen. Because of many unfortunate reasons, the original game of this version has been removed. However, online versions are always stored on our website to meet the entertainment needs of players.

Flappy Bird's global appeal

This Flappy Bird game attracts players thanks to its simple and interesting gameplay. Players can control the bird easily with mouse clicks. Moreover, challenges will continuously appear to bring excitement to players.

Flappy Bird players always try to get the highest score with the goal of 999 points, the highest score currently.

999 Points In Flappy Bird

It is challenging to get 999 points in this Flappy Bird game because you need to conquer 999 pipes. This is a very large number which creates an extreme challenge. However, players who achieve this score are always the heroes of fans.

When you reach 999 points, this online game will continue because Flappy Bird's pipes are endless.

Flappy Bird Play Platforms

When the game was popular, it was only developed on Android and iOS platforms. However, because of the disappearance of the original version, online versions have appeared and Flappy Bird enthusiasts can play on online websites.