Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird Overview

Control a bird flying through green pipes in Flappy Bird. Try to move the bird without hitting the water pipe and move forward. Set a record with the number of points that you can earn.

The arcade-style game controls Flappy bird moving continuously to the right. Click to let the bird fly in the air consecutively without stopping otherwise the bird will immediately fall down. Click more to move the bird to fly higher, click less to make the bird fly with low distance. Going through the water pipe without hitting it will earn one point. If you just accidentally hit the water pipe, the game is immediately over and you will have to start over.

Flappy Bird's global appeal

The game has made the whole world crazy in 2014. Its popularity as well as its attraction has made many people fascinated and unable to escape. Especially for American children. Even the game has been complained by parents about its attraction making their children unable to concentrate in learning. Thus, it has also shown its unbelievable attraction.

Up to the present time, the score record that this game has recorded is 999 points and no one has been able to beat this game. I hope you also set your own record, a record with patience that you never thought possible. Don't hesitate to play this world famous game.

When you reach 999, what happens in Flappy Bird?

It takes a long time for you to reach 999. However, the game will not be easy for you to win. Strangely when you reach 999, Mario will appear and prevent you from passing by throwing fruits and jumping on your head. You won't be able to predict Mario's move.

Flappy Bird Play Platforms

When the game was popular, it only developed on Android and iOS platforms. However, to make the game even easier, you can play on our website without downloading.