Geometry Dash Breeze

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Geometry Dash Breeze is a 2D platform game with a new version of geometry series. Experience the game to see the difference in the geometry genre game.

Lead the main character is the moving cube in the journey and overcome the obstacles. Do not touch any obstacles and maintain a certain flight speed. Completing 100% of the challenge as soon as possible will be included in the leaderboard.

Features in this new version

Player mode

You can play and compete multiplayer all over the world. A list of those with the highest scores will be updated daily. You can also be a formidable figure in if you have a certain position on the leaderboard. Also invite your friends to experience and compete together to gain recognition.

Exciting sound

Some versions of Geometry Dash seem too familiar to its loyal players. Therefore, this is also an equally important factor to make the game more attractive. Please wear headphones and experience this game.

How to control

Simply use LEFT MOUSE or ARROW KEYS for the character to fly up

The difference of this version from the original version

This game is inspired by the original game Geometry Dash and is customized from the community so it is not released in its official developer. In this game, the sound of this game will be more different with the gameplay, the level changes depending on the player's perception.