Good Pizza, Great Pizza

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How to make a traditional pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza guides you to become a pizza maker in a pizza shop. Follow customer orders as quickly as possible to receive more tips.

Use a block of dough divided in standard proportions to make the cake base. Roll it out into a circle with moderate thickness. Then spread a layer of tomatoes as a base, add cheese as a topping, one of the most popular and always used ingredients in pizza. Other toppings can be added such as bacon, onions, seafood, ect depending on the ingredients you have and the customer's request. Bake it at a fixed temperature and put it on the table to divide into pieces. The pizza can be divided into 4-6-8 pieces depending on the customer's request. Put it in a box, give it to the customer and receive their money.

Sell pizza in Good Pizza, Great Pizza

The way to make pizza has been mentioned above. What you need to pay attention to is the customer's requirements in the order. Remember the important point of the pizza that the customer requested. Complete it in the fastest time possible, the customer's waiting status will determine whether you get a lot of tips or not. Or if customers wait too long, they won't receive the pizza and you could be fined for wasting food.

Helper cats

Cats are mentioned in the game. Each cat has a different feature, but they are all useful in your pizza business. You can get the feature to tip more money, not count the time, complete the cake without doing anything, ect. Let's experience each cat to better understand its features.

Add ingredients

When you earn a certain amount of money, you can expand your pizza business by buying more ingredients to make your pizza more varied. Each ingredient has a different price, choose one or all of the ingredients to put in your tray.