Google's Doodle Champion Island Games

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Join Lucky cat athlete to become the champion in Google's Doodle Champion Island Games. Perform all 7 different sports and beat the opponents.

Ideas of Google's Doodle Champion Island Games

The inspiration for this game was inspired by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The Olympics are held in Japan, a country famous for its animation industry that doesn't make preparations difficult before G. To In harmony with that bustling atmosphere, the game was born so that those who cheer for the athletes could unleash themselves to participate like real athletes. The game makes the whole world wobble before the entertaining gameplay and eye-catching graphics.

Mini games in Google's Doodle Champion Island Games

You and the cat athlete Lucky go to the Japanese island. To be a champion and save your mark in this land, you need to do 7 mini games corresponding to 7 sports: Table Tennis, Skateboarding, Archery, Rugby, Artistic Swimming, Climbing, Marathon. In these mini games, you need to beat the home team of these subjects. Just by winning the owner of the land of each sport, you can become a champion of sports. Will you be able to finish them all and win these games? Put your name on the list of champions in this game.