Halloween Memory

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Haunting images in Halloween Memory

Halloween Memory helps you increase your ability to remember images, locations and pair similar images. Halloween-like images are expressed through cards.

True to the name of the game, this game is about finding pairs of identical cards in a pile of hidden cards. The cards are face down and you need to find pairs of identical images. When a pair of images is found, they are automatically removed and emptied until you find all the pairs on the screen.

As you progress further, the challenge will get harder and harder as you need to find more pairs of cards. Start by getting used to the game with only 4 cards, gradually the number of cards will increase and it will only end when you cannot complete the challenge within the time allowed. Once you don't finish, you have to start over from the beginning and redo your previous score to get a higher score.

Time is the essence of the game

In the process of finding pairs of identical cards, you need to pay attention to the time it takes to complete the challenge. Finish quickly before time runs out if you don't want to have to go back to the beginning. You will spend a lot of time finding pairs of cards as there are more and more cards. This is also the challenge that you need to overcome.

Be calm and remember each position of the cards when you open them. Staying calm is the strategy to win this game when it is more difficult. Concentrate highly and remember each card to save time on pairing. A similar thing in Halloween Wheelie Bikethat you need to do is concentrate hard to complete the challenge. Overcome difficulties to reach your destination of success.