Happy Popcorn

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Happy Popcorn takes on the task of filling the jar with popcorn and not letting it fall out. Collect keys to unlock random rewards like money or new items.

Fill the jar with popcorn

Reach the line

You need to fill the popcorn jar to draw a straight line to complete the mission. When the line turns from white to blue, you have completed the task. Hold down the mouse to release the popcorn into the jar that holds them. Filling the jar with popcorn is not too difficult and quick and easy, but you also need to be careful when filling the jar to keep it full to a certain level and not let too much popcorn fall out.

Get the key

In each challenge there will be random keys. Not only should you complete the task of filling the popcorn jar, you should not miss collecting the keys. They help you unlock magical and mysterious chests along with random rewards. You can unlock and get rewards like different popcorn and money. The reward will be given when you successfully do it and collect three keys.

Drop up to three popcorns

In addition to filling the popcorn jar, don't forget that filling it too quickly and causing the popcorn to fall can cause waste. So in one challenge you can only drop a maximum of three popcorns. If you drop more than the allowed number, you need to do it again before you can move on to another challenge.

Other types of popcorn

Besides the traditional popcorn, you can unlock many other objects that replace them. For this change, you can trade in money you earn through each different challenge or from random rewards. The more challenges you successfully complete, the more coins you will have and accumulate them to exchange for the things you want.