Helix Jump

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Helix Jump gives the bouncing ball crashing down a series of spiraling platforms. Reaching the bottom of the platform without touching any colored parts.

Control the ball to bounce to the bottom of the platform

Go through the gaps

At the beginning of the game, the ball will continuously bounce as it stands on a pedestal. To move it, you need to rotate the pedestal axis to the left or right as you like, helping the ball bounce down the gap so that it falls to the bottom and quickly hits the bottom. Passing through multiple gaps at the same time, the ball has a steady speed effect, it can break the platforms below with great force and is not blocked by the platforms.

If you can't go through many gaps, you can just rotate the platforms to let the ball fall down. The positions of the platforms are not the same and are randomized in each trial. Rotating the platforms left/right has a great influence on helping the ball go through many spaces at the same time to create a steady speed of the ball.

Do not touch platforms of different colors

There are two different colored pedestals standing in the same row. However, not all pedestals have them, a few pedestals only have one color. Be careful with colors that are different from the color of the platform you are standing on. The different colored platform has a certain small space and is not too big, try not to stand on it or you will stop the game.

Even if your ball has a steady speed and the power to break the platforms, when it encounters a platform of a different color, it can still stop the game. Even if the ball accidentally touches the base of a different color, it will cause you to stop the game. Quickly turn the pedestal so as not to touch it/

Simple controls

The game is controlled simply, does not require much manipulation. Your job is to rotate the platform left/right on the screen, or drag the mouse to help the ball fall.