Hungry Shark Arena

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Hungry Shark Arena takes you into the world of fierce battle of sharks. You will compete with twenty other sharks for the top spot. Survive as long is the solution of this game.

The charm of Hungry Shark Arena

Big fish eat small fish games have become so familiar to many players, however, what will happen with the big shark version eating small sharks. This is one of the shark games that get a lot of interaction from players. They become more popular thanks to the power of media from popular Streammers in the world. Although it has been around for a long time, its coverage is still interested by many people.

Fierce battle between fish

You will compete with twenty other sharks. At the beginning of the game, the helicopter carries the sharks and releases them into the sea. The competition between sharks will be fierce until a winner is found. Under the ocean there are many different species of fish, eat the fish that are smaller than you to be faster. Try to eat more and faster than your opponent so that they grow slowly and make them your dish.

Unlock other fish

Every time you successfully execute an object, you're not only making yourself bigger, it's also helping your money. Eat a lot to get more coins and use the money you earn to unlock fish with stronger Great-scar.

Compete with shark players

As mentioned above, you will be competing against twenty different opponents. Whoever survives the longest is the one who dominates the leaderboard. Compete with them and try to put your name on the list of people with the highest total score.