Idle Light City

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Light up the city in Idle Light City

Idle Light City is a fun idle game that brings light to the city at night. Lights were lit in each house and made all the houses in the city bright. In a certain city, the houses were covered in the dark color of the night sky. Their houses had no electricity so they were not lit. To make every house have electricity, let's distribute lights and bring them to each house and light it up. If the whole city were illuminated in the night sky, it would be truly magnificent.

Specific work to be done

Adjust the lights to each house. For each light summoned, you will lose an amount of money. The amount of money to buy lights will increase more and more. Start at $1 and gradually increase according to the number of lights purchased.

If a house has enough light, that glowing house will pay you a sum of money. This amount will be restored in a few seconds. Use that money to buy lights and light the remaining houses. Brighten up all the houses in the city and you also earn money from it.

Use Upgrades to increase performance

Upgrades work to increase the performance of the lights or help you earn more income without having to do anything.

Upgrading the light will help the light work more quickly, so lighting the entire city will be much faster than not using them. This accelerates the city lighting strategy.

Upgrading your house helps you increase your earning efficiency. You can buy versions such as automatic money collection, house upgrades to earn more money and increase the speed of money recovery. Using this upgrade also helps you speed up the process of getting houses in the city lit up. This helps you reduce part of your work and focus on other things.