Kitten Hide And Seek

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Kitten Hide And Seek helps the tiny girl escape from the black cat's sight. Complete many challenges to build her own tiny house. Buy more clothes to change clothes.

Build a tiny house

The girl has found an ideal place to build her tiny house. At first glance, this place seems quite similar to a mouse's house, but you need to transform and redecorate it to become a complete house.

Overcome challenges

The task you need to do is to avoid the black cat's sight. You will move from one end of the table to the other end of the table and on the table there are many other things like cups, vases, ect. Quickly moving to the other side in the shortest possible time is a little good, but you also need to take precautions and hide from the cat's eyes. You don't want the cat to find out and treat you like a mouse. Hide behind objects that will hide you from the cat's view.

Collect each household item

For each successful challenge you will collect a house item, it could be a bed, curtain, sofa, ect. Collect everything a home needs. Especially when the girl had the idea of building a two-story house with the first floor being the living room and the second floor being the bedroom.

Story of Kitten Hide And Seek

The short-haired girl wearing a red dress with a bow on her head is living happily with her house and cat. Suddenly one day she became a tiny person. There is no other way but to accept this tiny person, you need to help her find a place to rest. And unfortunately her pet cat didn't recognize her and thought she was a mouse. Help the girl hide from her own cat and build a new place to live.