Knife Jump

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Knife Jump successfully throws the knives and sticks them in the ground above. Each successful plug will earn you points and allow you to progress further.

Stick the knife into the ground as much as possible

You control the knife throwing by touching the screen. Choose the correct throwing force to stab the knife into the target. The target you need to plant is the earthen foundation. These platforms are arranged from the bottom up, so you need to throw the knife from bottom to top properly to hit the platform. For each successful plug-in, you will receive points. Be sure to throw the knife so it's not too weak or too strong, otherwise you'll have to start over.

Key features of Knife Jump

Difficulty gradually increases

As you progress in the game, the difficulty level increases as platforms become stationary or disappear. The upper platforms will not stay in place or the lower platform will disappear if you do not successfully insert the knife into the upper platform. The above obstacles make accurate knife stabbing more difficult and distract you. You need to adjust your throwing technique and improve your accuracy to overcome the increasing difficulty.

How to calculate points

A successful insertion of the knife into the platform is awarded one point. Each successful plug will be awarded that number of points. Just one little mistake can cause you to stop and do the challenge again. However, this is also the premise for you to conquer a higher score than last time.

Unlock new knives

This game offers a variety of knives with different designs and characteristics. As you play and earn points, you can unlock new knives to use in the game. Each knife can have a unique visual style, bringing a personalized touch to your gameplay.