Love Tester

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Love Tester tests the compatibility of two people to find the true love couple of their life. The degree scale reflects the compatibility or not of two names.

Check compatibility by name

Enter a name to test

There are many ways for girls to test to see if they and their crush are compatible, and one of the tests, the name test, is a quite popular form of testing. The operation is very simple, just enter your name and crush information then click on the heart image to have the game automatically test for you the compatibility level. This is also one of the ways to help girls decide whether to confess their love to their crush or not.

Degree of compatibility

The higher the level of compatibility, the more likely it is that you two will become lovers. If the compatibility level is average, the two of you are suitable to become friends. And if the compatibility level is low, the two of you should consider your relationship.

The entertainment of Love Tester

This game is intended to help players determine how the relationship should be defined between you and the person you are aiming for. However, the accuracy of the game may be misleading and it is for entertainment purposes only. There is no specific way to determine and no clear basis for any decision, so players should not be too dependent or have too much faith in the results predicted by the game. In addition, this is also a way for girls to decide to be bold in confessing their feelings to each other, especially their crush. This is also a motivation to help you express your feelings.