Mahjong Candy

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Mahjong Candy is an interesting variation on sweets instead of traditional Mahjong. Clear all tiles from the board by matching pairs of identical candy tiles.

The goal is to remove all cells from the table

Match pairs of Mahjong tiles together

You will start the game with many Mahjong tiles with various sweet patterns. They are stacked on top of each other and you need to find a pair of Mahjong with the same pattern to remove them. Some Mahjong tile stacks are stacked in multiple rows so you can only connect a pair of tiles at the top, then the bottom row. Complete the challenge before time ends. If you can't find the right pairs, don't worry the game will follow you and always support you when you get stuck.

Complete the challenge before five minutes

A game will be played for five minutes and during this time you need to quickly remove all the Mahjong tiles to successfully complete the challenge. Repeated successful removals to save time.

Shuffle the Mahjong tiles

Limit players from using Shuffle. This is a tool to reshuffle the game when you cannot match Mahjong tiles. One shuffle will cost you 20 seconds. Don't let your precious time cut short because otherwise you won't complete the challenge.

How to calculate points

  • One match is worth 100 points
  • Multiple matches will be multiplied x2, x3 depending on your ability to match consecutively.
  • Matching Mahjong boxes with symbols x2, x3 helps you x2, x3 your score.
  • The sooner you complete the challenge, the more points you will earn.