Math Games For Adults

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Learn math adult version

Math Games For Adults opens a version of learning math for adults. Basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can also give you a headache because of its complicated combinations.

The game helps you practice how to calculate the mathematical operations you have learned. This adult version is designed to be more complicated because there are many math operations in one challenge and the math operations are connected to each other. Your job is to guess the correct operations. Some digits have been placed into a series of operations. Your job is to put the numbers and signs in the operations into the series of operations. More complicated is to give an empty sequence of operations, without any numbers or operation signs and you have to guess yourself what numbers and operation signs the operation includes.

One difference between this game and many other games is that you can complete the mission at any time you want. However, if you want the challenge to receive three stars, try to complete it quickly. The countdown hourglass will be displayed twice if you miss two stars.

Many levels to choose from

There are many levels for you to choose from from easy to super difficult. Each level contains up to 100 different challenges. Will the explosion of challenges make it difficult for you? One of the benefits of learning math is that it helps you calculate faster and react faster when finding missing numbers. Practicing games every day helps you improve your math learning. Learning math will not become an obsession as many people think.

There are 6 levels available for you to choose from and the levels will be divided into difficulty by level. Later levels will be unlocked using the diamonds you have. To get more diamonds, solve many different challenges in each level.