Merge Watermelon

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Merge fruits in Merge Watermelon

Merge Watermelon is an entertaining game with merge gameplay. Merge two same small fruit to become a new bigger fruit. Merge all the fruits until no more merge is possible.

This fun entertaining game is very appealing to the enthusiasts of this brain game. You can also try some other games like Badland, Venge.io, Relic Runway, Om Nom Connect. With simple gameplay, merge two similar small fruits to become bigger fruits. At the beginning of the game, you will drop a fruit at the top of the screen. Continue to drop other fruits if the fruit below and above are not the same.

When the fruit above is the same type as the fruit below, move it to the fruit of the same type and drop it so that they merge. In addition, you can also use the upper fruit lever so that the lower fruits are close to each other but cannot merge and need an impact force to cause two fruits of the same type to merge together.

Unlock bigger fruits

Merge the fruits to unlock the mysterious fruits at the top of the screen. The game ends when there is no space left for the new fruit to drop. Unlock more fruits, the more points you will get. Sometimes, you need a bit of intelligence to merge fruits in a way that takes up the least amount of space.