Mine Brothers The Magic Temple

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Mine Brothers The Magic Temple is an interesting game about two characters angel and demon. Help both characters overcome the obstacles and go to the gate together.

Character difference

Water and Fire are a couple. Inspired by the original game Fireboy And Watergirl, producer Kiz has released a redesigned version with more adorable images. The image of the character in this version has the shape with a square head larger than the body, in which the blue character is the female character who plays the angel and the red character is the male who plays the devil. Help the two characters together reach a portal that opens to another world.

Two-player games need you to move both characters simultaneously to reach the same portal. The gate only opens when both of them open the door. If either of you comes first, the door won't open until both are complete. Overcome obstacles together and go together.

Note a few things

Puddles to watch out for

You need to help two characters get to the gate. And in the process, you will encounter many obstacles such as encountering puddles. Some puddles need attention as follows.

Puddle of the same color as the character: You can go through that puddle because it's safe for you and there's no need to avoid it

Puddle of different color from the character: When you encounter a puddle of different color from yours or brackish, you need to jump over to avoid being burned.

Collect stars

Along the way, you will collect stars to add to your own collection. Only stars of the same color can be obtained. Other colored stars are invisible and you can get it.