Minecraft Super Mario Edition

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Join Mario in a mysterious cubic world in the game Minecraft Super Mario Edition. Mine resources, build, collect materials for Mario's new world.

Unique combination of Minecraft and Mario

People are used to the world famous character Mario and the game that has emerged in recent years Minecraft. What if combining the two together creates a game that is both strange and familiar. With the context and space of Minecraft blocks along with images and details indispensable in the classic game Mario create a new variation.

Materials to collect in this game

In this endless blocky space game, you will play as Mario to collect materials to build your empire.
Smash all the blocks around and collect the necessary materials. You will get stone, wood, gold, flowers, ants,... after breaking those blocks. There are 9 materials you need to collect. You will not know what materials are under different Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft world is addictive and it makes players to show their hidden talents and abilities in building. What's great when combining both iconic icons between Minecraft and Mario. Enjoy the game in the most comfortable, entertaining way possible.

How to control

Move use WASD

Space to jump

Left/right click to place items