Minion Rush

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Introducing Minions in Minion Rush

Minion Rush challenges running with minions. Run on the road and pay attention ahead. The obstacles need to be avoided and collect the bananas on the way.

Minions are fictional characters who became extremely popular through the animated series "Despicable Me". They are small, yellow, cylindrical creatures with a humorous and mischievous personality. Minions have become a global pop culture phenomenon. Their distinct appearance, language, and humorous antics, especially their love for bananas have made them iconic characters.

Challenge running with Minion

A minion is on duty during his working hours. The other minions are working very attentively in the factory, creating top-notch technology machines to serve the dark plan of the moon stealer. He alone or the main character must perform the task of running forward without encountering any obstacles on the way.

Running challenge

You must direct the minion to run in the direction you want and overcome different obstacles. Choose to turn left/right when high jets block your path. You can also hop on adorable baby jets. Also, be careful of unexpected punching machines and electric shocks.

Collect the bananas

Minino loves bananas, this is their only and most beloved food. Collect as many bananas on the way as possible. At the same time, choosing to follow bananas is also a way to avoid colliding with obstacles. Use the banana suction tool on the way to collect bananas around you.

Compete with other players

The game incorporates meaningful social elements that allow players to connect with friends, compete on leaderboards, and share their achievements on social media platforms. At the same time, the game also records the person with the highest achievements so everyone has motivation to overcome.