Moto X3M Winter

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Ride a motorcycle in winter weather in Moto X3M Winter

Become the best moto rider in Moto X3M Winter. Accelerate with the moto through obstacles and treacherous ice mountains to reach the finish line in the shortest time.

Challenges to overcome in Moto X3M Winter

Challenging crossing the treacherous runway with obstacles. The game has 25 levels. The levels are designed with every difficult situation in mind, forcing you to have a strategy to not suffer the most damage. Because just a little carelessness, you are also very easy to die. Keep the rider's balance so that he doesn't tumble out of control. Obstacles are waiting for you, and it takes a little wits and quick wits to escape and overcome this obstacle.

Collect stars in each finish line. The finish time will determine the number of stars for you. Quickly to the finish line will own more stars. Use these stars to unlock new characters. There are two characters that need you to discover. Go as far as possible to own these characters. Drive past a snowman, a Christmas tree with a red-nosed reindeer Rudolph and Santa. A season of moto racing during Christmas is waiting for you to discover.

Way to control

W or Up arrow key to speed up

S or down arrow key to break

A and D or left arrow and right arrow keys to position your motorbike.