My Virtual Pet Shop

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Pet care service business

My Virtual Pet Shop allows you to run a pet care service business. Do some services like bathing, trimming and playing. Always keeping your pet in a happy state will help you receive more money.

Customers bring their pets to your shop. Please follow the requests of those pets. Some tasks that need to be done are:

Bathing helps pets stay cleaner and smell better. Move the pet into the bathing area, it can help you automatically bathe them or you will bathe them by rubbing cotton on the pet to turn them from dirty to clean, fragrant and neat.

Trimming hair helps pets' hair be beautiful and neat, cuts long hair, and styles hair to make pets more beautiful and neat.

The play area helps pets have fun, they can play many interesting things in this area. A play area can accommodate up to two pets. After they have had fun, it's time for their owners to pick them up. Customers will then pay based on their pet's satisfaction.

Always stay cheerful

When first coming to the shop, pets are extremely happy and look forward to the services they want. To keep them from being disappointed and unhappy, quickly take them to the position they want. Don't let them wait too long, their mood will be angry and it will be difficult for you to make them happy again. The shop's business greatly affects the pets' mood. If your pets are satisfied you will receive a lot of money and vice versa, if your pets are not satisfied you will only receive a low amount of money. If you are a pet lover Dogod.io should not be missed after this game.