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Join the Narrow.One Multiplayer Match!

Narrow.One is a multiplayer game with 3D graphics. You and your teammates will fight the opponent army. Each person will split up and go kill the opponent until there is no one left but your army.

Work to do

You and your teammates will participate in the battle with the opponent's army. Since this is teamwork, you should participate in the match and contribute your own efforts to achieve success. Or you can tour the surrounding landscape and accidentally encounter an opponent, destroy them before they destroy you. Your score will be calculated according to the number of opponents killed and your team wins the competition.

How to move

Use WASD/arrow keys to move

Hold and release the mouse

Some things noticed in this game

Selecting a position in a team

Choose one of six positions such as Scout, Assault, Runner, Support, Sharpshooter, Defender. The positions correspond to different weapons. You can choose the weapon that you think you like the most and start the fight.

Select Maps

There are a total of 16 maps for you to choose from. Each map has a different journey with different scenes. You will be immersed in each different space and context and enjoy the battle. You also come across many maps in the game quite like EvoWorld.io.