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Cut into pieces containing a pearl

Ojello is an intellectual game of cutting pieces containing gems so that each piece contains only one gem. Only a maximum of two cuts are allowed, how can the pieces be divided evenly?

The game will ask you to cut pieces containing gems. These gems can be in one chunk or multiple chunks depending on the game. Your task is to cut pieces with gems next to each other into pieces so that the cut pieces contain one gem. It is not necessary that the pieces cut out must be equal, but certainly if your piece of land has a piece containing two gems, the challenge will fail.

Limit two cuts

You only have a maximum of two cuts from sections containing two or more gems into sections containing a single gem. After two cuts, you still cannot complete the task, you need to do it again until you succeed to move to the next level.

Help when stuck

You can try as many cuts as you want in a level, but if you're too stuck and can't figure out the plan and how to cut, use the hint in the left corner of the screen. A suggestion is equivalent to a cut. However, there is not much help, so take advantage and only use it when necessary.

Ojello game review

Ojello is considered a light intellectual game that does not require too much thinking to find a solution. But some challenges can make it difficult for you so you don't figure out how to cut the pieces. Your judgment and analysis abilities will improve after overcoming challenges many times. If you want more difficult and complex challenges, you can refer to The Impossible Quiz after this game.