Pico Park

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Pico Park is a cooperative platform game that offers a delightful gameplay. Focus on teamwork, Pico Park allows 2, 3, or 4 players to navigate through a series of levels, each presenting unique challenges and puzzles.

Multiplayer competitive racing in Pico Park

The objective of the game is to collect all the keys and reach the goal. However, accomplishing this task requires careful coordination among the players. The 48 levels are designed with special tricks and obstacles, encouraging players accompany their teammates and devise new strategies to overcome each level's challenges.

In Pico Park, players must master various skills such as jumping, climbing, using ropes, operating mechanisms, and even stacking on top of each other to reach their objectives. The game encourages players to communicate and brainstorm together, solve difficult but entertaining challenges that are sure to bring laughter and fun for you guys.

Game modes in Pico Park

This game offers different game modes to keep the experience fresh and varied. The World Mode is the standard mode, where players focus on finding keys and exits. The Endless Mode introduces competition as players strive for the highest score. Finally, the Battle Mode adds a competitive twist with the player achieving the highest individual score emerging as the victor.

With its cooperative gameplay, charming pixel art, and varied game modes, Pico Park provides an enjoyable and engaging experience for players looking to share laughter and challenges with their friends.