Pineapple Pen Master

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Pineapple Pen Master has catchy music and simple gameplay. Throw pens and effectively stick them into numerous fruits, which includes pineapples and apples.

Stick the pineapples by the pen

Understand the mechanics

Start the game, You'll see fruits moving across the screen from left to right, they move constantly and can distract you. However, stay focused because Your goal is to tap the screen to throw pens and stick them into the fruits as they pass by.

Time it correctly so the pen will stick to the fruit, helping you score points. The fruit will continue moving across the screen, and you'll have to repeat the process for each passing fruit.

Create combos while sticking

The game rewards you for successfully sticking pens into multiple fruits in a row without missing. This is known as a combo. Keep aiming for consecutive successful throws to maximize your score.

Avoid unnecessary errors

Be careful not to collide the pen with any existing pens already stuck in the fruits. If you hit a pen, it will be considered a miss, and your combo will be reset. You will even have to redo the challenge from the beginning if you touch any obstacles. Maintain accuracy and precision to avoid unnecessary collisions.

Enjoy the music in Pineapple Pen Master

The game features catchy music that adds to the fun and rhythm of the game. Enjoy the beats as you play and try to synchronize your throws with the rhythm for added satisfaction. The tempo of the beats gradually becomes faster when experiencing Tunnel Rush 2 after the game, which is also very interesting. Don't hesitate to play now!