Plants Vs Zombies

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Plants Vs Zombies is a popular tower defense video game, attracting a large number of downloads. Now, the online version is available for your convenience.

Defeat the Zombies so they don't enter the house

The war story between Plants Vs Zombies

In a certain village, all the people here were killed by Zombies. And your house is the last house that Zombies are about to attack. In order not to be killed, the farmer needs to protect his house and not let Zombies successfully attack his house. That's why he summoned the Plants to help him protect the house. Select some Plants from the list to prepare to fight Zombies.

Prioritize the selection of main Plants

Before starting the battle, you will see a number of Zombies to choose the most suitable Plants as well as have the most effective strategy. You can choose the Plants you like, but the two main characters that should always be present in battles are Sunflower and Peashooter. Sunflower helps you create additional light to supplement natural light. These lights have the effect of collecting and summoning other Plants. Peashooter is also an equally important character. It has the effect of shooting beans at Zombies to kill them slowly. Its effectiveness matches Zombies on the easiest levels.

Select other Plants

How to choose Plants depends on your preferences and strategy. In each match you will have a choice of up to six different Plants. When you do many battles, you will have many choices of Plants for the next battles. Choose the Plants that you think are most suitable to fight each type of Zombies. Some Plants have the effect of slowing down the attack speed of Zombies, others have the effect of quickly killing one or more Zombies at the same time, ect.

Do many Plants Vs Zombies battles

The battle will become more and more difficult and fierce as you go further. Take on more complex battles as Zombies are harder to kill, more sophisticated, and more well-defended. This requires you to have a strategic selection and reasonable allocation of Plants' positions so that Zombies cannot enter the farmer's house. The wheelbarrow is the last defense, limit its use so that Zombies cannot enter your house.