Plug It

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Plug It is a puzzle game that involves connecting electrical circuits by placing plugs and wires. Plug in the charger so that the devices are fully charged.

Fill batteries for electronic devices

Connect plugs the devices

Your task is to connect the power source to all the devices or outlets on the board using plugs and wires. Begin by placing plugs strategically in empty nodes on the board. Each plug can connect to adjacent nodes vertically or horizontally.

Lay wires

Once the plugs are in place, you need to connect them using wires. Wires can be laid on the grid to create a path between plugs and complete the circuit. Lay the wires by selecting a starting point and dragging the wire across the empty grid squares, following the desired path. The wire can make turns and cross itself, but it cannot overlap or intersect with other wires or obstacles.

Complete the circuit

Continue laying wires, connecting plugs and devices until you create an unbroken path from the power source to all the devices/outlets on the board. Once you accomplish this, the circuit is complete, and you have successfully solved the puzzle.

Check for errors

After completing the circuit, double-check your connections to ensure there are no loose ends or incomplete paths. Make sure every device or outlet is connected to the power source without any interruptions.

Lots of electrical plugging challenges

There are many devices that need to be charged, that's why there are many different types of sockets and you need to plug in all the devices so that they are all charged without the sockets causing any obstruction. As you move forward, more electronic devices mean more and more complicated outlets, and you need to have a proper plugging strategy.