Rowdy Wrestling

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Rowdy Wrestling is a fun 2D wrestling game. Choose the character you like, step into the ring and prepare for a thrilling battle. Be the person who stays in the arena the longest to become the boxing champion.

The excitement of wrestling competition

A wrestling fight with no end until the winner is found. Like Dead Again, you and many other opponents compete against each other. Use your fists to punch your opponent in the head until the opponent has no strength, quickly throw him out of the ring. At the same time, be careful of the opponents behind you, they will always find ways to destroy you just as you are trying to do the same with other opponents. Take note of your strength scale in the left corner of the screen to change your strategies so that you don't get hurt the most.

Enthusiastic cheers from fans

While you and other opponents battle each other, the fans below will be equally excited. They are energetic, enthusiastic and use the things they have to give their best. You can use items that the viewer is moving forward and giving you such as speakers, sticks, ect to hit the opponent with a fatal blow.

How to control

Use the two arrow buttons on the left to go forward and backward; Jump and attack buttons are on the right. Performing simultaneous jumps while attacking, you'll launch a kick that knocks him unconscious. Immediately, quickly throw him out of the ring or hit until he can't defend himself.

Game modes

Single-player play:You will compete against AI players, choose your character and prepare to enter the field. You and other opponents play against each other. Whoever stays the longest in the ring is the winner.

Two-player play: Invite friends to play with you. You use the available character and start playing. Two players fight until one of them is knocked down or thrown off the field and the game is over.