Stickman Climb

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Let's play Stickman Climb game with stickman

Take charge of the stickman box with a pickaxe in a platformer game called Stickman Climb. Win the flag at the finish line with the power of your mighty arm and pickaxe.

The road to victory is paved with deadly obstacles and obstacles. Nothing can escape dangers and must confront them to achieve the noble goal of reaching the finish line. Take advantage of all the powers of observation as well as push and pull the stickman up and forward.

Each level of this game is different terrain with different challenges and obstacles. Always keep in mind use the pickaxe to move forward, avoiding obstacles with the push of the pickaxe. Regardless of the terrain, any obstacle can be easily overcome.

You can change the type of support for your hands and the jars you're sitting in. Four items and eighteen types of jars are waiting for you to unlock. Unlock items by passing levels corresponding to each item. Let's make the game more lively and interesting by changing the new look.

How to play Stickman Climb game

Use your widgets to move around the stage.

Move with Left/Right Arrow Keys