Street Ball Star

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Basketball dunk challenge

Street Ball Star challenges you to dunk the ball into the basket. Use strategy to get the ball into the basket and don't forget to collect coins. How many dunks can you achieve?

Basketball is the favorite recreational sport of young people. It is not just a simple sport, but playing basketball has many benefits such as increasing resistance, developing muscles and bones, improving height, ect. Practicing playing basketball every day helps you improve your game. Do you have confidence in your ability to dunk the ball? Show off your abilities in this game right away.

Perform mission

Your task in this game is to put the ball into the basket. A blurred curve will help you control the direction of the basketball. One point will be awarded for a successful dunk. Make as many successful dunks as possible. If you miss the ball out of the basket once, you will stop playing immediately. And don't forget to collect the coins during the dunk process.

The comb creates many dunks

A strategy to help the ball always go into the basket is to adjust the direction of the basketball so that the faint curve is between the basket position and the square-shaped sign. Note, the curve must always be located between the basket and the square frame. Winning percentage and many dunks will be successful.

Game modes in this game

The two game modes are challenge and time trial. For challenge mode, the player will dunk the ball into the basket, and one point will be added to each successful attempt. If you accidentally make the ball fly out of the basket, the game will stop. For Time Trial mode, the player will dunk the ball into the basket for one minute, during this time score as many dunks as possible. If the ball flies out of the basket, it's okay, you'll try again until it goes into the basket.