Super Brawl Showdown

3 votes 4.7/5

A fighting game similar to the famous cartoon characters in Super Brawl Showdown. Fight with each other, whoever knocks down the other first is the winner.

Features of the game Super Brawl Showdown

The game has many modes for you to choose with many different features. Some outstanding features like glide, dodge, air block for some characters, break and regenerate blocks, fighter-specific passive, artifact system, etc. Every mode has its advantages and I think you should try to choose the mode that you like the most.

After choosing the mode you want, next is to choose your character and the opponent's character to fight. The winner will have the upper hand and unlock new characters. The character's abilities will be displayed next to the character. You can look at its parameters to choose the most suitable character. Lots of stages for you to choose freely and not boring. Try every stage to make the battle more exciting.

To unlock new characters, follow the character's request. Defeating as many opponents as possible will help you quickly unlock more characters. In addition, you can invite your friends to make the game more fun.

How to control

Player 1

Moving with WASD

Dot key to punch

Comma key to kick

Player 2

Move with arrow keys

X key to punch

Z key to kick