Tank Trouble 4

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Tank Trouble 4 is an explosive online tank battle game. Face off against other tanks and get ready to face off against rivals in the maze. Eliminate opponents before you are eliminated.

Shooting strategy in the game Tank Trouble 4

Fight for as many shots of the opponent as possible. Join as real warriors and fight each other in the maze. You can choose to move towards the opponent to attack or stand still, hide in a safe position and wait for the opponent to shoot. Whether you are on the offensive or defensive team, this play shows exactly who you are as an extrovert or an introvert. You won't believe this strategy fits your personality. But it will be a way to see the enemy if you play 2 player mode or more to plan the right shooting strategy.

The game has 4 player modes. You can choose the mode you want and the number of people you have. For the single-player mode, you'll be fighting the game's AI. Choose easy or hard mode depending on your ability. Watch out for your opponent's quick attack, hide in a position where the opponent can't shoot bullets and have to get close to you to be able to attack. As soon as you meet an opponent shoot right before it does the same to you. Invite your friends to play this game, the fun will be doubled the more players the better. We have a 4 player mode for all 4 so invite your friends to play now.

How to control

In the game modes there are instructions buttons for you to control. Please read them carefully and remember them to move.