Temple Run 2

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Endless run in Temple Run 2!

Take on the endless running challenge in Temple Run 2. Escape from enemies, avoiding all obstacles and traps in your way. Help the brave treasure hunter escape with the golden idol.

Our treasure hunter has just retrieved a golden idol from a mysterious treasure trove. Unfortunately, he was hunted down by the monster guarding that treasure. And you must help this treasure hunter escape the fins of beasts and obstacles that prevent you from escaping.

An endless, endless escape with countless obstacles is waiting for you ahead. Jump up to avoid the hollow that causes you to fall off the track, jump on the rope to swing yourself to the other path. Crouch down if you encounter an obstacle that could hit you in the head, lose your life, or slide down from the deadly flames. Overcome cliffs, forests and even mines, all the obstacles that stand in your way. You can also use abilities that help you run faster. And collect diamonds, use it and upgrade your abilities. Does this adrenaline-pumping adventure attract you?

How to play Temple Run 2?

Move with AD key or Left/Right arrow keys

Jump with W or Up arrow key

Slide down with the S or Down arrow key