The Yasin Cengiz Game

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The Yasin Cengiz Game helps Yasin Cengiz eat food while dancing. A social network star with her special body in eating clips. Don't drop the food.

Famous social network star Yasin Cengiz

Yasin Cengiz is a public contributor in the entertainment industry. He became a social media phenomenon with his signature clips of dancing with his belly and eating food. At the same time the song Dom Dom Yes Yes appears in most of his clips, it seems to be such an exclusive song that listeners who hear this song will remember him.

Recreate Yasin Cengiz's moves in this game

Take the eating and dancing challenge

In this game, help Yasin Cengiz take on the challenge of eating food thrown from the air and not letting them fall. Move the character to where the food is. Things like sausages, hotdogs, candies, ect are delicious and waiting for Yasin Cengiz to come and enjoy. Help him not to miss a single food.

Maximum of three misses

Not missing a single food is the task that you need to do. So that means you only have a maximum of three food misses. The more you eat, the more points you will get and the game will be over when you use all three of those misses.