Tom And Jerry Chocolate Chase

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Tom And Jerry Chocolate Chase recreates the chase of the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry. Help Jerry get as many cookies, avoid obstacles to not be caught by Tom.

Inspiration of the game

Tom And Jerry is a famous cartoon in the world. No one is unaware of this classic cartoon. The story of Tom and Jerry has no end in the hearts of viewers. The familiar image that everyone remembers is that Tom often goes to catch Jerry and Jerry often runs away from Tom. Because of this characteristic feature, it is the inspiration for many games about chasing and taking these two characters as the main characters.

Help Jerry collect cookies

Help Jerry escape from Tom as far as possible. At the same time, help him collect as many cookies as possible. This is Jerry's favorite food, his eyes can't stop shining when he sees delicious cookies. But collecting cookies is not easy. You just have to collect cookies, run fast to not be caught by Tom and just have to avoid obstacles that reduce Jerry's running speed.

Accomplish goals

Collect cookies according to the amount required by the game. Collect as much as you can and keep running for as long.

Avoid the obstacles

Some items in front are displayed in red indicating dangerous items that reduce Jerry's running speed. The more you touch, the lower the running speed is, it's easy for Tom to catch you.

Things that can be touched

Some of the things that you can touch are cookies, paper airplanes that help you fly high without the effort of running on your feet, springs that help you go further.