Where Is My Cat?

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Where Is My Cat? searches for cats hiding everywhere in a town. Zoom in on the screen to find 100 cats. Check every corner carefully so that nothing is missed.

Find a hundred cats

This game is very simple: find a hundred cats hiding in town. It can be in any location such as the front yard, porch, roof, ect. Wherever it stands. You just need to find all one hundred cats to complete the mission. These one hundred cats are not located in any one area but they will be scattered all over the town. Zoom in on the screen to find all the cats thoroughly and don't miss a single area of the town.

Each searched cat will be marked and you will reduce the number of cats to find. At the bottom of the screen is the number of cats to find. Once you successfully find a cat, the number will decrease. When you have found one hundred cats, it's time to complete the challenge.

Difficulty finding cats

The difficulty of this game is to keep the background black and white and have no other colors. The purpose of choosing such colors is so that players cannot easily guess where all the cats are. This is also an effect that causes players to not be careful when observing, which can cause players to lose a lot of time searching for cats.

So the way to overcome this obstacle is to choose an area and observe carefully to find all the cats in that area. When you can't find any more cats go to the next range. The ranges will help you save time searching and not miss a single cat.