Who Is?

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Solve over a hundred questions in Who Is?

Show off your wisdom in the Who Is? Use your thinking and observation skills to solve the game's over one hundred puzzles. Spot the anomaly and get everyone's applause.

Regarding the game Who Is specifically?

The given situations all need your thinking ability. Apply the principles you have learned from school and life to solve each puzzle. Some questions like who is the liar who is the wife of the guy in the middle or choose the werewolf out of the three people standing in front of you, or choose who is the princess pretending to be the princess out of the three princesses at the dance,...Questions strengthen your understanding of stories and events that are universal. Prove your ability to think and observe through more than one hundred questions of the game.

If you have a problem and don't know how to handle it, use the suggestions in the magnifying glass section. Or if you don't want to use help from the game, invite more friends to help you. The game will double the fun if there are as many players as possible. Game Who Is? make it difficult for you, use your full ability in this fun, not boring intellectual game.