Wrestle Online

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Wrestle Online is an exciting multiplayer wrestling game. Characters are randomly generated, compete with one or more people to be the only one in the stands.

Features of the game Wrestle Online

Character creation: You can adjust your character before entering the match or use a random character that the game suggests to you. Character creation can be changed through appearance, body type, attire, and moveset.

Wrestling style: You can use high flying techniques, direct punches, kicks, headbutts, ect to fight your opponents. Techniques need to be varied to defend and attack opponents, forcing them to quickly step off the field.

Match types: Matches such as one-on-one matches, tag team matches, royal rumble, ladder matches, and more. Each match type may have its own rules and victory conditions.

Unlock new features

Winning matches, completing objectives, and earning achievements can reward players with in-game currency or experience points. Currency or experience points can be used to unlock new moves, abilities, costumes, and other customization options for the wrestlers.

Online Leaderboards: Wrestle Online may include online leaderboards where players can compete for high scores and rankings. You can strive to climb the leaderboard and establish yourself as a top wrestler.

How to control the character

  • AD or left and right arrow keys= move
  • W or up arrow key= jump
  • S or down arrow key = block
  • Space, G, or L= acton