Doodle Baseball

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Doodle Baseball is a combination of baseball and people's favorite fast foods. Turn fast food into baseball players. Hit home-runs to get maximum points.

Transform into a great baseball player

Do you love baseball and what is your baseball hitting technique? Here, the game will help you take on challenges in hitting baseball, this is also a way to help you know baseball better and improve your hitting technique. Instead of playing the role of regular human baseball players, this game will turn you into the fast food favorite of young people.

Practice hitting a baseball

The job you need to do is hit the baseball that is being thrown towards you. Limit and avoid missing the ball if you don't want the game to stop. The timing of hitting the ball plays a crucial role in determining the number of points you score. The farther the ball is thrown, the higher the score received. If your opponents catch your ball, you will receive few points, but if you create a Home-run, you will receive the maximum number of points.

Increased difficulty in kicking

When the ball is thrown, as is common with other baseball games like Doodle Cricket, the ball is thrown straight. But for this game, the ball does not only fly in a straight direction, it also has many other types of flight in zigzag paths or sometimes hiding and showing the ball. These throwing techniques challenge your hitting and increase the difficulty for you.

Use fast food instead of regular players

In this game you will admire the baseball characters who are fast foods that young people often use. Foods such as pizza, ice cream, peanuts, and many other characters also appear in this game. The opponents are the peanuts and the batsman is the food. One hit is one change of character, this helps enrich the game and attract players.