Fruit Blaster

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Fruit Blaster challenges players to slice and dice fruits with swift swipes of their fingers. The game offers a fun and addictive gameplay experience.

Slash all the fruits in Fruit Blaster

Fruits will start appearing on the screen, thrown into the air from the bottom. To slice a fruit, swipe your finger across the screen, cutting through the fruit. The objective is to slice as many fruits as possible while avoiding any bombs that appear. Don't miss any falling fruit because otherwise you will lose the chance to do the challenge longer.

Increase score

To increase your score while cutting fruit, cut multiple fruits at once with just one slash. The number of fruits cut is the number of points multiplied. For example, cutting two fruits at once will multiply the score by two, cutting three fruits at the same time will multiply the score by three. Same with larger quantities.

Avoid bombs is an inevitable task

Bombs are mixed in with the fruits, and if you accidentally slice a bomb or let it fall off the screen without slicing, it will result in a penalty. You can lose ten points if you touch bombs, so try to avoid touching them.

Unlimited time

Like Pineapple Pen Master, time is not counted in this game so you can earn as many points as you want. The game only ends when you miss three falling fruits. The game ends quickly or slowly depending on you.

Conclusion about Fruit Blaster

This game is a game that can be played casually to pass the time or competitively to challenge your skills and strive for high scores. It's a simple yet addictive game that provides a satisfying slicing experience. Enjoy the fruit-slashing action!